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Prepared by: Joannie

October 19, 2014 was an eventful day for Edmark Sandakan as we launched the latest weight loss program of Edmark, the P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge held inSepilok Hall 2, Ibis Style Hotel. Over 110 distributors and guests from near and far came to be a part of the launch, some eager to participate in the weight loss challenge.




Our ever dynamic Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Lynden C. Valdez graced the occasion with her presence in Edmark Sandakan asshe advised everyone present to persevere in the Edmark business to work towards achieving their goals. Inencouraging all contestants and attendees on living a healthy life, she jovially expressed the possibility of Edmarkers as walking billboards of Edmark, a living testimony of its products.

She further enlightened the audienceson the importance of maintaining good health, emphasizing the importance of personal health, family and the local community. Obesity does not discriminate with age, gender, appearances or position.The epidemic of obesity is applicable to all equally, negatively affecting one’s life by bringing downthe level of personal confidence, continually being a hurdle to each and everyone’s potentialsuccess.

 On that note, Edmark is equipped and offering the healthiest possible solution to overcoming obesity. With our products, everyone is able to achieve their ideal weight naturally on top of a healthier lifestyle. Hand in hand, Edmark will overcome the epidemic of obesity with you!

Edmark Kota Kinabalu: Upcoming Events for the Month of November 2014

2014 November Calendar of Events - Edmark KK
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A Memorable Diamond Recognition Back-to-Back with an Exciting 30th Day Weigh-In

We celebrated the recognition of our newly promoted Diamond Manager, Ms. Lorinee Mahilum on October 18th, 2014. Crown Manager Lornalyn George welcomed and thanked everyone for their time and presence at this special occasion. She also acknowledged our Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Lynden Valdez who graced the day’s event with her presence. This was followed by an inspirational message from Emerald Manager, Mr. Allen Tong who also presented a thanksgiving song to our newly promoted Diamond Manager. Crown Manager Ms. Geraldine Capalos briefly discussed the roles and benefits of a Diamond Manager, inspiring those who are new in the business. One of Ms. Lorinee’s business partners offered her a song number to express her gratitude for having her as a friend as well as a business partner. Finally, Ms. Lorinee Mahilum was called on stage for the presentation of the Diamond Manager certificate and a diamond pin. She expressed her gratitude to all who contributed to her journey in becoming a Diamond and encouraged everyone by sharing her own story.

Presentation1The second half of the event commenced, the P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-In. It started with a special message from our CMO Ms. Lynden Valdez as she introduced the Malaysia Obesity Video, showing the increasing number of obese people in the country. Marketing officer, Reena Jacinto discussed the Diet Plan recommended for participants in order to lose their excess weight and achieve their desired weight. It was finally time for the official weighing in of our contestants, the moment of truth after the first 30 days of the challenge.


After the results were tabulated, Ms. Ian Joy Tabucalde received a P4 Package for having lost 5kg. Ms. Lorinee Mahilum and Ms. Ligaya Yna received a MRT box each after losing 3.5kg and 6.5kg respectively. Ms. Norsiah Nasri lost 4kg and was given a box of Shake Off. These were results of their perseverance and determination in reaching their ideal weight. The event came to a close with an Edmark Dance. All in all, it was a fun and memorable event for all who were present.



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It was a great and remarkable day for every Edmarker in Kota Kinabalu as they enjoyed the privilege of being in the presence of EES Trainer of the Year 2013 in Ghana, Crown Manager Myra Schroth, as a speaker in our Mentoring Leadership Training (MLT) and Train the Trainer (TNT) alongside Edmark Kota Kinabalu’s very own Crown Manager Geraldine Capalos.


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CM Myra Schroth took the floor first to discuss the first module of MLT, ‘Developing your Edmark Business Team’. She positively encouraged the participants on the possibility of success, even in the absence of their upline. She advised them to be a responsible person and a good role model for their business organization. It was fun as the attendees had the chance to participate in role-playing related to the topic discussed on top of the opportunity to conceptualize ideas with small group discussions. Speakers Quote This was followed by CM Geraldine’s discussion of the second module, ‘Understanding the EES/Key Drivers to Success’. She explained every topic clearly in the way that was easily understood. She tackled the topic on ‘Increasing the number of distributors, Increasing the number of average sale’ and ‘Increasing the frequency of purchase’ and explained the utmost importance of these decisions. Speakers Quote2 Hand in hand, these two powerful speakers conducted the whole seminar. It was fun-filled and enjoyable with the enthusiastic participation and interaction of every Edmarker present. The seminar came to a close with a final advice to all participants to reach out and offer a helping hand to others.

Announcement: Edmark Kota Kinabalu Upcoming Events for the Month of October 2014


Edmark Kota Kinabalu’s Unforgettable 3rd Anniversary and P4 Lose to Win Launch

September 21, 2014 marked Edmark Kota Kinabalu’s 3rd Year Anniversary. It was celebrated with more than 140 Edmarkers and guests. We kicked off the celebration with a Muslim and Christian prayer followed by the Malaysian National Anthem and a sweat-pouring set of dance energizer.  EM Allen Tong gave an inspiring opening remark. He stated that with Edmark, individuals are able to enhance their skill set – entrepreneurship, communication and even presentation skills. He encouraged all the attendees to persevere in the Edmark business in order to achieve their goals and dreams. The program continued with a Zero to Hero Recognition to acknowledge all the hard work and achievements of every Edmarker. To boost the audience further, outstanding leader, DM Viola Dompok shared her Edmark story and how it has transformed her life. Following that, the agenda continued with a ceremonial cake slicing and wine toasting to the future successes of Edmark Kota Kinabalu.


The second part of the event was the launching of the P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge. To kickstart the launch, our International EES Trainer of the Year 2013, CM Myra Schroth led the discussion on the Who Moved My Cheese and Obesity videos after showing it to the audience. She encouraged the overweight individuals among the audience to join the program. To further uplift the audience, Ms. Nor Siah took the stage to share how she lost 18kg within a few weeks with the help of Edmark products. Even though she had shed the weight, she was still eager to join the 90 Days Challenge to lose all her excess weight in order to reach her ideal and healthy BMI. The host of the event, Mr. Suhaimi Jaidin discussed the mechanics of the Lose To Win 90 Days Challenge, the Diet Plan, alongside some demonstrations of exercises that participants could do on a daily basis.




With that, we ended this memorable event with a closing prayer and the Edmark Dance.